Can't Trust your Shopify Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking data?

You have come to the right place! We know the importance of analytics and conversion tracking for online business.


Ads Quantifier helped 1000+ brands to make improved, data-driven digital marketing.

Tracking accuracy has become challenging

due to:

  • Tracking Prevent (ITP)
  • iOS 14.00 & Above
  • ad blockers, and more

However, Shopify Partner intregartion or any APP can’t give you best tracking solution.


Unlock the power of first-party data attribution & server-side tracking


  • Prolong cookie shelf life
  • Go around ads blockers to get all your user data
  • improve website performance
  • Ensure data security & compliance

Server Side Tracking Solution

GA4 Ecommerce Tracking And Funnel Setup

GA4 Funnel setup

Few People can give you the perfect setup for FB CAPI and Pixel with deduplication!

The setup process is manual with customs Data Layer script implementation and Google Tag manager.  

  1. Website backend access
  2. Google Tag manager 
  3.  GA4
  4. Tagging Sever (GCP or Stape)
  5. Ad platform access 

I will create GTM, GA4 & Stape account if you do not have & I will transfer the ownership after the work

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