Google Ads Enhanced conversions

Google Ads Enhanced conversions

To unlock the powerful bidding capacity and improve the accuracy of the conversion measurement, the implementation of enhanced conversion tracking is very important. In addition to your existing tracking setup, it requires sending hashed first-party conversion data to Google and it is secured since only hashing data (SHA 256) is being sent.


When someone makes a purchase or completes any conversion goal, they might share their personal information like their email, name, address, or phone number. You can collect this data through tracking tools, convert it into hash data, and then send it to Google. This helps improve how you track and measure conversions on your website.

The utilization of hashed data for enhancing measurement will vary depending on the specific type of enhanced conversions used.

Enhanced conversions for webEnhanced conversions for leads
Relevant for advertisers who want to track sales and events that happen on a website.Relevant for advertisers who want to track sales that happen off a website (for example, phone or email) from website leads.
Improves measurement of online conversions.Improves measurement of offline transactions that came from a website lead or visitor.
You can send encrypted data from your website when a user takes an action (like making a purchase). Google then uses this data to connect those users to Google accounts they were signed into when they interacted with your ads.You can use hashed data from your website’s lead forms to track the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns when you upload the leads, making it possible to connect them to your ads.

Enhanced conversions for web:

Enhanced web conversions works by taking user information like email, name, address, or phone number from your website, encoding it, and sending it to Google. Google then uses this encoded data to match it with Google accounts that were active when users engaged with your ads.


  • Recover conversions that otherwise wouldn’t have been measured
  • Improve bidding optimization through better data
  • Privacy safe with hashing of first-party customer data

Enhanced conversions for leads:

You can now track conversions in Google Ads from your website’s lead forms using customer information like email addresses. No need for a special Google Click ID; it works with the data you already have, making it easier to measure ad performance.


  • Easy to set up: Configure measurement entirely from your Google Ads account.
  • Better performance: Optimize your campaigns to sales and transactions that happen off your website.
  • Flexible: Implement using the Google tag or with Google Tag Manager.

If you want to continue using GCLIDs to track conversions, you can stick with the current method of relying on GCLIDs for uploads.


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